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Customer Experience Workshop (Best-Value Offering)
Every organization has a customer experience. It is what happens for or to your customers as they learn about your company, try and then buy your product or service, get help, and share ideas. What is your customer experience today? Is it working for you or against you? This extensively proven quick-results method for managing the customer experience throughout the cycle of service (externally or internally), defines, analyzes and reshapes customer contact points, or Moments of Truth. This service invariably provides outstanding value-for-fees.

Creating and Sustaining a Customer Focused Corporate Culture
An approach towards an effective and pragmatic process, making use of Emotional Quotient instruments. Delivered in strategic partnership.

Customer Focus Diagnostic
A tailored process to assess the customer focus of an organization that covers up to twelve elements.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Process
An effective process for capturing and deploying the voice of the customer by ensuring the right survey methodology, well-planned, bought into by all stakeholders and resulting in relevant action. Surveys designed and delivered in strategic partnership.

Customer Service Training
Skills training for front line staff and service leadership training for managers. Class room training as well as sophisticated online training. Delivered in strategic partnership.

Employee Survey Process
An effective process for capturing and deploying the voice of the employee is critical in the context of the People-Service-Profit chain. This process not only ensures buy-in in advance and strategically focused survey design, but it also pays attention to the key drivers of employee satisfaction. Surveys are designed and delivered in strategic partnership. A significant feature of the process is the post-survey "Actioning" phase for which I have designed the proven Listen-Feedback-Action Process.

Key Customer Relationship Review Process
An effective and proven process for building high value B2B relationships. Involves providing an objective and in-depth ‘snapshot’ of the relationship with individual key customers. Provides the opportunity for strengthening relationships and loyalty, and moving from a needs centered customer relationship towards a valued centered partnership.

Listen-Feedback-Action Process
A powerful process to facilitate the Manager-to-Leader transition and to empower employees.

Process Animation Workshop
An effective tool for improving cross-functional collaboration within a key business process and stimulating customer focus organization wide.

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