Stronger customer satisfaction measurement improves service
In my extensive consulting experience, I have observed the following manifestations of a lack of focus on customers. To gauge the urgency of your client focus and customer satisfaction measurement needs, review the manifestations below. If any apply to your organization, please contact me for a consultation.
Customer Satisfaction Measurement - Voice of the Customer
Having insufficient or no customer satisfaction measurement; no platform for a data-driven improvement plan; no measures for each contact point.
Customer Focus
Saying and meaning that customer focus is important, but not having a clear strategy and/or improvement game plan; delegation of improvement ownership by CEO to functional managers.
Realizing that improvement efforts and plans are focused more “inside-out” rather than “outside-in”.
Having started a customer focus initiative, but feeling that it is faltering, has lost steam and needs ramping up.
People being insufficiently “turned on” and committed to deliver legendary service.
Seeing service quality improvement as a program rather than a holistic organizational redesign process that requires fundamental change and endurable commitment from management and employees alike.
Customer Alignment
Developing and implementing a brand strategy in a services business - but not fanatically managing "moments of truth" - a service brand’s promise is at stake each time a customer is served.
External service to customers is seen as important, but internal service remains lacking.
Experiencing blockage due to misalignment between improvement goals, and strategy, people, process and customer.
Link to Results
Having a number of improvement initiatives and programs underway, but your people don’t see cohesion and connections.
Being focused on service quality improvement programs rather than outcomes: “Activities versus Results Focus”.