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Eric Fraterman
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Do You Need a Customer Service Consultant to Improve Customer Service and Sharpen Customer-Focus?

You have come to the right place. I am a seasoned, pragmatic and results focused customer service consultant who pushes further than customer service, for a true customer-focus. I am passionate about my work and clients. I believe in partnering with clients as a key to success, and in my work I practise what I preach.

Result Focused Customer Service Consultant with Focus and Passion

Passion: I am the person behind Customer Focus Consulting. With more than 25 years experience in a wide range of industries, I am absolutely passionate about my work and serving my clients. In this line of consulting you simply cannot succeed without passion, especially for treating customers and employees right.

Focus: I am totally focused on one issue and the theme of my work is always Sharper Customer Focus for a Sharper Competitive Edge. I help clients bring the customer inside their organization and then identify, measure and manage pragmatic opportunities to meaningfully improve the Customer Experience.

Result: Sharpening an organizationís Customer Focus results in customer service improvement and lower cost-to-serve, higher customer satisfaction, stronger customer loyalty and thus sustainable profitability.

Moving up the S-Curve - Transition from Customer Service Management to Customer-Focus

The lower of the S-Curve represents the type of foundational customer service that is required for making customers satisfied. It is transactional in nature. It means doing things right all the time, being easy to do business with and handling complaints well.

However, satisfied customers still walk, as we know. Mere transactional service therefore needs icing on the cake and topping up with an emotionally satisfying customer experience that is delivered by organizations that have climbed the S-Curve to being truly customer-focused. They focus intensely on making the seamless combination of delivering great customer service and continuously managing customer experience into their competitive advantage.

In customer-focused organizations:
  • Every action is shaped by a relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding its customersí expectations regarding product and service quality.
  • Customer touching processes are constantly evaluated and improved to meet or exceed those expectations.
  • Employees are fully engaged and aware of their role in maintaining a valued relationship with their external (and also internal) customers.

For Customer-Focusing you need more than a Customer Service Consultant

Customer Service: As a seasoned and pragmatic customer service consultant I help my clients improve and manage the foundational customer service that is a requisite for success. A key tool is my widely proven Customer Experience Workshop. (On this separate website you will find a customer service self assessment showing you where on the S-Curve you are.)

Customer satisfaction surveying is essential for capturing the Voice Of The Customer in this stage. So is customer complaint management. I have the experience and resources to help you take stock of, and improve your foundational customer service.

Customer-Focus: To move them up the S-Curve to sharp Customer-Focus and higher profitability, I help clients design and implement an outside-in game plan. This is involved and requires partnership with a committed leadership of the organization.

If and when required, I access and bring to bear my extensive network of partnered specialists with complementary skills and integrate their work in an "outside-in" game plan. Clients clearly recognize this as a value to them.

This includes: Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty measurement and surveying; Real-time Feedback; Customer Service & Leadership Training; Process Management & Re-Design; Organizational Communications.

When you hire me you will bolster Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profit. Faster & Better!

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