Effective customer service consulting for quality improvement
What Customer Service Consulting Does …

A customer service consulting program can make the idea of total client focus take root. Once that happens, employee behavior and commitment change for the better. More people take responsibility for gathering internal data - and acting on the data with continuous improvement in mind.

How You Know You Need It…
No clear strategy and/or improvement game plan.
Improvement efforts and plans focused more “inside-out” rather than “outside-in”.
Faltering customer focus initiative that needs ramping up.
People insufficiently committed and energized to delivering legendary service.
Unrealistic view of service quality improvement as a program, rather than a holistic organizational effort.

It is not enough to say that focusing on your customers is important to your organization. You must have a clear strategy or game plan for making measurable improvements. Clients I have worked with have reaped the rewards of this:

“Thank you for your contribution to our service quality initiative. Your experience, insight, and direction were instrumental in launching this important process. Thanks for your help.”

“You have had a fundamental impact on our company. We must be big enough to admit that if it were not for your work and initiatives we would be nowhere as far as we are now ."