customer service quality
What It Does …

For an organization to succeed, intensely managing service quality is absolutely essential. It is only through customer alignment that the organization is on track toward a single, shared vision of customer focus and customer value; a vision that energizes people and the organization to accomplish extraordinary things.

How You Know You Need It…
No managing of "moments of truth" while developing and implementing a service brand strategy (a service brand’s promise is at stake each time a customer is served).
Insufficient alignment between improvement goals and strategy, people, processes and the customer.
Your people are unable to see cohesion and connections between current improvement initiatives and programs.
Managing service quality through alignment brings results

Ignoring the concept of customer alignment has obvious and harmful consequences for any company or organization that wants to succeed. Too many organizations have realized this through costly omissions or ignorance. Customer-Focus Consulting has guided many organizations through both the most valuable theories and the best practices that lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.